Could MyOS take cryptocurrencies mainstream?

There is no wonder why cryptocurrencies seem to go mainstream in the near future. Actually, people discussed a potential transformation of cryptocurrency into a mainstream financial tool for a while now. Since the apparition of fintech start-ups, using cryptocurrency gained more and more credibility and took over the masses, being more appreciated than the traditional denominations. Cryptocurrency and going digital are no longer taboo subjects, while the blockchain technology started to expand to more than just digital coins. The dizzying economical industry predicts that there’s not much time left until cryptocurrency becomes mainstream. The revolution of the financial systems is happening right now and people should be prepared for witnessing this change.


Free community platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrency

The next step for leading cryptocurrency to the mainstream would be to understand and use free community platforms that are purposed to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. The fact that such platforms are now focused on easy usability and a friendly crypto marketplace attracts potential users every day, which may lead to a mass adoption sooner or later. End-to-end trading platforms for cryptocurrency were previously focused on gaining profit, but now some of them are characterized by zero fees. One of these community platforms is represented by My Operating System, also known as MyOS. Here, you can buy, deposit and trade Ethereum without worrying about using complicated platforms or paying huge commissions. What’s even more interesting about this platform is that it focuses on offering people enhanced accessibility and security.

Going mobile is the future

Talking about accessibility, MyOS is focused on moving everything on mobile. This grants people the chance to access the platform from their smartphone, where they want and whenever they want, by simply having an active connection to the Internet. The platform is optimized so that users can get the best out of it – easily readable, user-friendly, responsive and visually-pleasing. One swipe and you have it all, from instant payments to timestamp invoicing or community trading. MyOS is available on the most popular operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows. By going mobile, the transaction costs that currently represent an issue for some users will be put to an end. As people with less technical expertise realize the value of cryptocurrency, the demand for user-friendly apps to handle transactions will be higher. Thus, cryptocurrency begins its journey towards the mainstream.

MyOS can help the process

In 2017, MyOS started its journey with the sole purpose of making cryptocurrency accessible for anyone who’s interested in it. In 2018, MyOS organizes private sales and pre-sales for people who are interested in sustaining their cause. Later the same year, the Alpha Prototype and the Beta versions of MyOS are going to be launched. After the first public sales happen, MyOS will finally come to its full release, most capable version. The journey is still in progress, but the evolution of MyOS and its purpose of taking cryptocurrency mainstream is very promising. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is finally on its way thanks to the attempt of platforms such as MyOS.