MyOS First Airdrop attracts over 24,000 Entries

My Operating System or MyOS first Airdrop and Bounty campaign concluded July 27th with over 24,000 participants who collectively earned over 39,000,000 MyOS Tokens. MyOS is a community led cryptocurrency exchange with a host of features that focuses on making trading a more social experience. 10 participants also won a bonus 150,000 MyOS Tokens. In the month-long Airdrop MyOS gained over 9,000 followers on Twitter as well as over 10,000 new members on their Telegram group.


The Background

Trading Cryptocurrency can often be a stressful and tedious process. Many dedicated traders use several exchanges and have to constantly move funds around to find the best rates. Transactions can take hours with some providers with hefty transaction fees. The user interface of many of these exchanges are often convoluted and clumsy which damages the user experience and is detrimental to the userbase.


The Solution

MyOS makes trading Cryptocurrency simple. The app and desktop client mean you can trade Cryptocurrency worldwide anytime with just a mobile device and an internet connection. For first year part of the transaction fees will be redistributed amongst users holding MyOS Tokens and these tokens have a variety of functions within the app. Users can pool money and invest with other users together, send money directly within the messenger built into the app and even view other user’s portfolios to see what others are investing in. Social, intuitive, smart MyOS is the idea Crypto exchange platform.


The Design

The MyOS mobile app is designed for ease of use and allows the users to reach all the functions they need in a few swipes. Users can use the desktop client and mobile app with the same login and there are multiple security protocols including Two Factor Authentication and IP address Whitelist.


The Token Sale

Following the completion of the MyOS MVP the earned MyOS Tokens will be distributed via the mobile app. Users will be approached to verify their Identity and then given credentials to login in and claim tokens. The Pre-ICO will begin September 30th. MyOS have revealed that there will be another Airdrop in the near future and another Token Giveaway to earn bonus MYOS Tokens.


Learn more about MyOS and the app at: