MyOS – Successful Community Growth

After launching their first Bounty and Airdrop campaign the Social Cryptocurrency Exchange MyOS has nearly 10,000 users in their Telegram group and over 15,000 participants in their campaign only 2 weeks since the campaign went live. You might be wondering; how do I get involved?


What do MYOS Tokens do?


MYOS Tokens are a utility token for the MyOS Platform. These tokens are used for a variety of functions within the platform such as trading Cryptocurrency with friends via the messenger on the app and by holding them to receive a portion of the transaction fees which are redistributed to the users. MYOS can also be used as currency which is rewarded to traders who share their portfolio on the platform for users to learn from. At the time of writing this article 1 ETH is equivalent to 160,000 MYOS Tokens.


Community Growth


The MyOS Community has grown enormously since the start of the Airdrop campaign with over 3000 users joining within hours of the launch. MyOS are very happy that the community has grown at such a staggering rate and many of the users are optimistic about the platforms future. A key feature of MyOS is the social aspect of the exchange, users can chat via an in-app messenger, send funds directly, create groups and investment pools and many other user friendly features all of which rely on the community to function. The Telegram group has seen nearly 1400% growth in the last two weeks alone and the campaign has over 15,000 users with over 29,000,000 entries.


How to Participate in the Airdrop


To take part in the airdrop and claim free MYOS Token it is simple. Click the link at the bottom of this article and sign in with your email. Once signed in simply complete the tasks on the campaign page to earn tokens. Each task has a different number of tokens as a reward, however if you complete all the tasks you could earn over 70,000 MYOS Tokens. Aside from completing task there is one other way to earn tokens. At the end of the campaign 10 lucky participants will receive a bonus 150,000 MYOS Tokens. Your chance of winning these bonus tokens is boostered by the number of tasks you have completed in the campaign, so make sure you complete as many tasks as possible for the highest chance to win. Once the Airdrop has ended on July 27th and the MVP of the MyOS app has been released, users can log into the platform app and verify their identity to claim their tokens.


Overall MyOS has seen incredible growth in the last fortnight and continues to grow daily both on telegram and various other social media channels. With the MVP currently in development and the ICO set to go live September 30th the future looks bright for MyOS. If you haven’t already, join the telegram group at and receive daily updates on MyOS and discuss all things crypto with the community. You can also join the Bounty Campaign at: