Top 10 tips for promoting your ICO

ICO’s have taken the Cryptocurrency world by storm. With Dozens of new ICOs being published every week it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. New companies are always trying to find new ways to promote their ICO and get the word out on their project. However, many countries have restrictions on exactly where and how ICOs can be marketed. So, what are the 10 best ways to Promote your ICO?


ICO Calendars


ICO Calendars are websites where you can publish information on their ICO and the schedule for the crowd sale or release of tokens. This allows users to search for your ICO and find information on the date the crowd sale starts. If your project uses a popular blockchain technology such as Ethereum then you can list your project on specific calendars for that technology.


Here’s just a short list of these kinds of ICO calendars:



Website Design


Your projects website is one of the most important ways in which you promote your Project. Ensuring your website user friendly and clear is key to the success of your ICO. Make sure your website is up to date and displays the correct information. Your website should be the number one source for updates on your ICO.


Create conversations about your ICO


ICO calendars will give prospective investors information about the ICO but will not allow you to receive feedback on your project or answer questions investors may have. Create conversations about your ICO on crypto websites or communities such as Reddit or Bitcointalk and generate some buzz about your project. This will garner some attention and encourage users to talk about your project.


Social Networks


Social Media is a key tool in promoting an ICO. Twitter host a large percentage of the crypto community and an active following on the platform will help promote your ICO substantially. Posting news and updates on the project will help keep the community engaged and allows an open channel to interact with users quickly and directly.


Blog Posts


Posting blogs your own project website and paying for articles on other partner or news sites will definitely help promote your ICO. News outlets can cover your project and expose it to a large audience potentially bringing in more investors. Posting Blog posts to your own website will attract undecided investors or crypto enthusiasts and help grow your community. Tech bloggers will post lists of ICOs they believe in and depending the source this can boost your userbase exponentially.


Bounty Campaign


Creating a Bounty Campaign for you ICO is a great way to gain more following as well as increase users holding your coin. In exchange for tokens you can ask participants to follow you on social media or post about your ICO on their personal accounts. This can help increase your following in a very short space of time and also put your token into circulation. You can even ask participants to create content about your project in exchange for tokens.




Creating a community around your project is a great way to promote your ICO and create a loyal user base. Creating a community group on telegram or another chat platform is a perfect for interacting with fans of the project and answering questions personally. It can be really valuable to interact with the community over live chat and ask for the user’s opinions on the project going forward.


Paid Promotion


Whilst the majority of promotion methods in this article are low cost or free paid promotions do have a place in the promotion of your ICO. You can pay to have you ICO featured on Crypto websites or listed at ‘new’ or ‘hot’ by ICO sites and expose your project to thousands of people actively looking to invest in crypto projects.




Creating a referral system for your ICO will help further promote the project. Asking investors to share the ICO in return for tokens or a discount on tokens will spread the word about your ICO and ensure more people are talking about your project and sharing it organically. This is a great way to promote the ICO without spending any money.




Attending Cryptocurrency and Blockchain events is another way to promote your ICO. Meeting people who are already invested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology will give you another platform to promote your ICO and potentially benefit from their network and contacts. Communicating your idea in person may help convince investors and build trust.


There are plenty of ways you can promote your ICO but using these 10 tips will certainly give you a strong start and set you on course for a successful ICO.