MyOS – The Future of the Social Crypto Exchange

MyOS is a community based trading platform which was developed with the aim of allowing anyone to partake in the crypto currency economy. The current investing philosophy within the crypto currency economy is one surrounded by barriers to entry with the need of constantly monitoring multiple exchange accounts along with keeping investment portfolios up-to-date, acting as the major hurdles, especially for beginners. Not to mention, crypto currency markets tend to be surrounded by information, the authenticity of which is questionable, with only selected aspects of it being reliable and being able to generate profits.

In order to overcome the aforementioned, MyOS is building a trust-based platform, which aims deliver, a simple yet innovative solution to investors and traders alike regardless of their experience. Naturally, security is of great concern to individuals when thinking to invest in the crypto market, however MyOS focuses upon 100% fund security, with two factor authentication protocols, in order to ensure the seamless transactions of our esteemed investors and traders.

What is MyOS?

MyOS is a community based crypto currency exchange with an aim of utilising user friendly procedures and constructing a sustainable crypto currency economy. It aims to bridge the gap between the high-tech blockchain world with that of traditional finance, making for a hybrid exchange of sorts, through constructing a community oriented market place where investors and traders alike can safely and securely trade digital assets and can instigate others to do the same.

Community Design

Merging elements of centralised and decentralised trading platforms, MyOS aims to provide traders, investors and institutions with a user friendly crypto exchange. Its hybrid form of exchange along with the community based trading platform aims to further reduce counterparty risk, transaction fees and vulnerability to any fraudulent activities, providing liquidity, security, transparency and an improved user experience.

In addition to this, the iMyOS Messenger and Chat will be able to provide the community with instant insights via the native Bloomberg-inspired all-in-one dashboard for crypto. Synced with Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the iMyOS will be able to provide real time news, to the said community.

Defining Features of MyOS

MyOS operating on an Ethereum-based cryptographic wallet and token has been designed to facilitate trading of a wide range of crypto currencies and tokens in a cost-effective way. As providing users with one secure portal which would allow them to purchase, sell and use their crypto easily and with continuous access.

Furthermore, another defining feature being that the sharing of the fees is implemented in such a manner so as to allow it to be distributed for the first three years of operation followed by a 50-50 split between MyOS and its token holders in years three and four.

MyOS Team

The MyOS team includes five full time members and three advisors with proven experience in the field of software engineering, currency trading and emerging technologies such as blockchain. With the fields of digital marketing, blockchain and smart contract development, regulatory compliance and cyber security being supported by further experienced advisors.  For further information, please leave a comment or contact us.